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Welcome to the Media Center

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Library Hours: 7:20-2:00                               


The Commitment of the Library Media Center

The library media center is committed to providing a welcoming environment where students may achieve intellectual and personal growth. The media center staff will provide access to informational resources in a variety of formats appropriate to student development.

Working with the Castlen faculty, the media center staff will:

•·        assist every student in accessing, evaluating, and using information in the achievement of  classroom instructional objectives.

•·        encourage every student to read, view, and listen for information and enjoyment.

•·        assist every student  in becoming a lifelong learner who is information literate, learns independently, and is socially responsible.

The library media center staff is committed to providing a wide variety of resources relating to personal interest, creative expression, and the pursuit of knowledge. This will be accomplished by enlisting the aid of students, faculty, and the community in the identification, acquisition, and maintenance of these resources. The library media center staff is committed to the wise use of available funding in this process as well as flexible scheduling to provide maximum access for all patrons.

According to Literacy Partners, reading, viewing, and listening for information and enjoyment are practices that form the basis for a successful and productive life. The library media center staff is committed to encouraging and assisting every student in the development of these practices in preparation for graduation from high school and his/her participation in a democratic society.


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